Sleeping In Your Own New Home For The First Time

Buying your first home can be a happy, very exciting time; yet also one of surprises and a lot of work.

When you first make an offer on your dream home then you immediately start planning how you are going to decorate it.  If you are moving from an apartment or other small space you start looking at your current furniture and realize that you don’t have near enough to furnish your new home.  So, you take every chance you get to visit furniture stores in your area or websites that sell home furnishings.

Unless your house came with all the window treatments you will begin looking at blinds and drapes for each of the rooms.  You may want to change out some of the carpet or re-paint some of the rooms in different colors.

I remember when I moved into my first home I was surprised at all the things I needed just to maintain the yard.  I had moved from an apartment where the yard area was maintained by the apartment complex.  I didn’t have even  a rake, much less a lawn mower.  I needed hedge clippers,  a weed eater, wheelbarrow and even yard trash bags.  It is also amazing how quickly the cost of little things like this add up.

I had two bedrooms that remained empty for quite a while because I didn’t have enough money to buy furniture for them.  Nowadays, you can get some really nice inflatable beds and chairs that can be an inexpensive solutions until you can buy something else. The raised inflatable beds are nice because they are easier to get up and down from. Most of these blow up mattresses have built in pumps and inflate and deflate quickly.  If you have children then some of the kids sleeping mats are great solutions.  Kids love them and find it fun to camp out in their own bedroom.  The mats can also be used as nap mats at their daycare.

One piece of advice is not to get too excited and run out and buy a bunch of stuff at one time.  Take your time and watch for sales on the items you want.  Don’t just look for big sales but take time to check the clearance tables at places like Lowes and Home Depot.  If you need new light fixtures, faucets for bath or kitchen, ceiling fans then you can find some really good deals if you just keep your eyes peeled.  Another good deal is clearance or scratch and dent appliances.  A lot of the scratches or dents are in areas that will be hidden when installed anyway.

Another thing that will just kind of fill itself in over time is pictures/paintings  on the wall.  As time goes by you will see the perfect painting for that certain spot.  An family portraits will soon find a home in one of those little spots that seems open and empty.

The goal is to enjoy your new home.  Don’t get stressed over every little thing.  It will all come together with time.  As the saying goes  just enjoy the journey.